About Us

Cubic Education is an educational & placement consultancy which provides professional consulting services to students who like to pursue further education in overseas. Cubic Education is the pioneer in overseas education consultancy since 2011. With quality credentials and our trustworthy service guides students to reach the best possible academic heights based on their academic merit and financial capacity.

Cubic Education was started in 2011 with one vision "Turn Dreams into Reality". Cubic Education was formed with a view to the growing demand by Bangladeshi Students who seek information about studying and placement opportunities for various professional, graduate, master degree and post graduate courses in overseas. Our vision to build an Institution with admired values and commitment towards the profession is the mission of every student, and it is reflected in our day to day business.

Cubic Education recruits students for higher study with prestigious institutes/colleges/universities having the best consulting team. Every student with their prior knowledge is working with prestigious universities/colleges/institutes in overseas, suggests in accordance to the requirements of Students and provides proper advice as the exact location and course to be taken up. Cubic Education can surely show you the way to a right & a bright future.

Why Cubic Education

Cubic Education is a conglomerate of business entities, where education counseling or students placement at different institutes in abroad is considered a real commitment to society. Cubic Education as such is standing on the forefront of providing the required counseling services to prospective students with its best valued supports and information dissemination system. Not limited to the following items, it has rigorous and unique identification and support delivery rules like...

A. Cubic Education always is being sophisticated with true or genuine students who want to go for a better education in abroad and primary judgment on students’ intention and quality is ascertained at first conversation or counseling sitting. Truly, but ironically, Cubic Education never wants to negotiate with the quality and right intention of students.

B. Foreign education involves a relatively high cost, so students are advised according to their own financial capacity and less financially potent students are advised to go for Scandinavian world class quality education.

C. Cubic Education strictly assess all the documents required for admission and visa confirmation, before it is proceed to the High Commission or Embassy and advise all students on how to make a better assessment over their own documents and financial capability so that students can judge himself alone on his or her fitness.

D. Cubic Education must counsel students about the immigration laws and state regulations as to job facilities, immigration, salary structure and other necessary information so that students become self-reliant before stepping down to the abroad and can skirt around unwanted problems.

E. Students do have access to Cubic Education professional counselors round the clock at their official and personal contact numbers

F. No service charges or fees are claimed at any steps of getting the assistance from Cubic Education. Because we believe, getting information is the vital right of human being and in no way it’s for sell.